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How do I install VLC into raspbmc?
  • Clivish

    I've recently installed raspbmc into a Raspberry Pi v2, which has an external hard drive hooked up through a USB hub. When I boot the Raspberry PI, I can navigate to the hard drive and see couple of *.ISO files store there.

    My experience with unix commands is limited, so I need detailed help on how to install VLC and set it up in such a way so that when I launch the *.ISO files, the VLC launches and plays the *.ISO files.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  •  Answers:

  • xxmbabanexx


    1. First off, you need to install the vlc package.

      sudo apt-get install vlc

      You should see a few things show up on the terminal, and then a Do you want to continue [Y/n]? Click Y.

    2. Next, you need to make VLC the default application to open these types of files. Right-Click on one of your .iso files. Click on Properties. Then go to Open with: and select VLC.

    3. If the above did not work, you can always open these files manually. Go into the console, and type VLC. A window should pop up. In the toolbar select Media > Open File and navigate to the desired .ISO.

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